About Gap youth and community centre

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For 40 years, the Gap Youth and Community Centre has worked alongside the community to engage the children and young people of Alice Springs in activities that help them to grow. 

A community-owned Aboriginal corporation since 1977, the Gap was started by people from the Gap area of Alice Springs.  Our vision was – and remains – to strengthen future generations by passing on learning and creating opportunity.

We offer children, young people and their community belonging, acceptance, support and fun through a range of programs including sport and recreation, outside-school care, school holiday programs, and early intervention and case management for at-risk youth.

In 2017 we celebrated 40 years since Gap Youth Centre was founded by volunteers as a true, grass-roots community initiative. Today we still work closely with our community, and are proud of our strong relationship with our town and its people. 

Our focus is to build a community where everyone feels wanted, where we can improve social outcomes for kids and youth, and where everyone has opportunities to connect, learn and grow.

We work with many organisations to deliver effective services for young people such as:

  • Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service
  • Alice Springs Youth Accommodation and Support Services
  • Bush Mob
  • Mission Australia
  • Relationships Australia
  • Jesuit Services
  • Tangentyere Council
  • Drug and Alcohol Service Association
  • Women's Shelter
  • Local schools and health services.

How we are funded

Our funding sources have varied over time depending on government priorities and available funding streams. Finding secure and stable funding for our vital services is an ongoing challenge.

We are currently funded by the NT Department of Sport and Recreation to deliver active recreation activities for young people accessing our service. We also offer diversional activities such as after-hours services, which are funded by the NT Department of the Chief Minister until December 2017.

Leadership and staff

Our board has a strong commitment to providing better opportunities and outcomes for young Aboriginal people. Our board members are predominantly local Aboriginal people and some attended Gap themselves when they were younger.   We have a track record of delivering positive outcomes for young people and access to services which they may not otherwise access such as case management and diversion activities.

The staff team is led by our Chief Executive Officer, Michelle Krauer.

our programs

We currently operate the Reconnect program providing case management services to Indigenous 12-18 year olds who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Our two case managers work with both the young person and their family to ensure they have suitable accommodation, are attending school and are referred to special support services were required. This program has been delivered by our organisation since 2006 and has successfully met targets over those years. 

We are currently funded by the NT Department of Sport and Recreation to deliver active recreation activities for young people accessing our service, however this is only possible when funded alongside additional diversion activities such as after hours services.  We have been delivering after hours services for nearly forty years; however funding sources for this service constantly change as government priorities and funding streams shift. The program has received positive responses from both funding bodies and the community for many years however there is an on-going struggle to have this much-needed service funded.

We also operate After School and Vacation Care as part of the national network of Outside School Care (OSHC).