Creative Bike Workshop

November 10, 2021

Two experts in bike mechanics and youth workers, Kate and Jacob from Dismantle, flew over from Perth to Alice Springs for a four day bike dismantling workshop to teach our Gap staff how to run a youth bike workshop program.

Kate and Jacob taught our staff how at Dismantle they run their bike programs for youth, so that we can continue to offer programs that give our young people emotional regulation skills, life skills and tools, whilst creating new bikes out of recycled bikes and having fun.

The four days consisted of learning how to dismantle the bikes correctly, preparing the bikes for designing such as sanding, then painting, reassembling correctly, learning how to do brake cabling and front and back tuning. The last days were about fine tuning the brakes, tuning the gears, doing a test ride and a final safety check.

Throughout learning the ins and outs of dismantling and redesigning a bike, Kate and Jacob, experts in bicycle mechanics and youth work, took our staff

through different ways in which young people can benefit from engaging in this program. They shared their knowledge and expertise of what stages young people generally struggle when putting the bikes back together and the ways in which they support the young persons this so Gap can run a successful bike program.

Gap staff were educated on the tools and equipment needed to run the program and the simple ways that bike mechanics can be broken down and taught effectively so that young people can benefit greatly from doing the program.

We are in the process of putting the final touches on our workshop so we can begin running this bike dismantling program as soon as possible.

The program will be not only for our after hours drop in centre but also for Youth Diversion and Reconnect programs.

Gap Youth and Community Centre and the staff that participated in the training are thankful for Dismantle and Kate and Jacob, for running such a great four days.

We would also like to give a special mention to Alice Springs Police who donated the bikes so we could run the training and the program.

Stay up to date on our website or social media for when we begin our bike program.