Gap Stories: Jezabelle Ross, current parent

January 31, 2017
Gap Stories

Throughout Gap Youth Centre’s 40 year history there have been linchpins that hold the centre together. Graham Ross, Geraldine Swan, Eva Harvey just to name a few. In 2017 though Jezabelle Ross is an iconic part of GAP Life.

Jezabelle is a mother to the current generations of Gappies. Jazebelle can be found down at late nights most nights helping the staff look after the kids. Then when lock up time comes and the GAP Bus roles down Gap Road and onto Bloomfield St invariably there are often 6 or more kids heading back to Jezabelle’s house.

When asked about why GAP is still so special today, Jezabelle said that

“It’s the last place in town that the kids can come to. The kids just want a safe place that they can come down to.”