Bringing together creativity, culture and tradition

The Gap delivers a variety of camps throughout the year and with different focuses. Our camps provide a learning experience for young people aged 10-17 years old that brings together creativity, culture, and tradition to build a strong sense of community. Young people have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, confidence in their voice and abilities while spending time on country.

We tailor our camps to meet the current needs of young people. Through a partnership approach we engage BushMob to support our camps when we focus on early intervention and prevention of the use of alcohol and other drugs and bush adventure therapy.

Camps can include sharing knowledge and learning about stories, songs, art, plants and natural resources.

Our camps provide an encouraging and compassionate environment where young people can achieve their potential and be their best selves. During the camps, young people are provided with meals, traditional foods, accommodation, educational and cultural activities, and qualified staff who are positive mentors.


During the second week of the July 2021 school holidays, The Gap Youth and Community Centre After Hours program took nine young people on a cultural camp for 2 nights, 3 days with the Rodna Cultural Tours operated by Benji Kenny and his family.  It was educational and fun. We visited sacred sites along the way and sat to hear their stories.
~ Ellice Christopher, Program Manager