Dismantle Bike Program

Stripping and rebuilding bikes

The Gap bike program uses the bike workshop is engage and mentor young people through the process of stripping and rebuilding a bike. The time the young person spends in the bike workshop is when the relationships are built and the mentoring begins. Staff work closely with young people through the process, supporting them, but more importantly assisting them to develop skills such as resilience, commitment and self-worth.

The program teaches social skills, connection, teamwork, confidence, and knowledge through bicycles. Young people learn how to strip down a bike, and then rebuild it themselves over a period of 3-5 weeks.

As well as learning the practical bike building skills, young people can increase their opportunity for education and vocational development. It is a hands on experience of literally stripping a bike to its parts and totally rebuilding it with a new paint job too. And you get to take your bike home at the end.