A program for fun and support

The Gap After Hours Youth Program (AHYP) operates 7 days a week and is a safe space that young people can drop in for fun and support.  We provide a ­­­­culturally appropriate inclusive space for young people from 10 – 17 years old to access sport, education, life skills, music, arts, workshops and friendship.  The voices of our young people drive our programs and we work with their families to support their development and help them to reach their potential.  

Our program is as diverse as the people we serve. We provide a wide and ever-changing range of activities and workshops to meet the current needs of our young people, their families and our community.  We have a strong staffing compliment with many local Aboriginal staff that know our culture and our community.

The AHYP is an early intervention program designed to support young people to demonstrate positive social behaviour, teamwork, healthy living, gender equality, inclusion, and diversity. We encourage and support young people in their educational, training and employment aspirations.

We have many partner organisation in Alice Springs who support our programs and young people to increase opportunities for them and their development.  

Our young people are important and we value them and their experiences. Our program ensures a healthy meal and transport home to all young people everyday.

After Hours mobile to call:  0437 876 580