Outside School Hours Care

About OSHC

The Gap provides a fully supervised after school care and vacation care program in Alice Springs as part of the National OSHC network for primary school aged children.

Our program emphasises a sense of belonging, play, fun, and education. Our staff are ready to entertain and educate your children in a fun and inspiring environment which reflects the needs and wants of the children attending the program.  We are focused on age appropriate programming and supporting children to develop and grow into their adolescent years.

Our educators are here to help your child feel included, to inspire them to learn and experience the world in a safe environment. Children learn through exploration and this is a key focus of our programming. We help children learn how to interact socially, how to communicate effectively and how to be kind. Our educators make life long connections with the children that attend our centre.

OSHC Activities:

After School Care

Our after school care program runs during school terms throughout the year and operates from 3pm to 5pm on weekdays. As part of the program we provide free transport from school to the centre in air conditioned buses. There is also the option for transport home for an additional fee which can be booked on enrolment. The program is delivered from 3pm to 5pm weekdays with the bus leaving at 5pm for those requiring transport home.

Vacation Care

Our vacation care program runs in every school holiday period throughout the year, with a short closure between Christmas and New Year. The program operates from 8.30am to 5pm weekdays, with the option of transport home for a small additional cost which can be booked at the time of enrolment. During vacation care we have a full day of various activities for children to engage, learn and be inspired.  It can be a long day for children at the centre and a key component of this program is to take the children to various locations in and around town and let them experience Alice Springs to its fullest.

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