About Reconnect

Our Reconnect Program is for 12-18 year old who are homeless or at risk of being homeless.

Through  early intervention and case management, Reconnect case workers work  with young people and their families to help them stay connected to  family, education, employment and training. An  important focus is on helping young people to make positive life  choices and strengthen their connection to family and culture. Our  Reconnect program is designed and delivered by local Aboriginal people,  we link to many other services and organisations to enable specific and  targeted support to young people and their families.

Don't have a place to stay?

Are  you aged 12-18 years and don't have a place to stay? Reconnect is a  private and confidential service that can help you work things out. At reconnect you can get help with:

  • Living arrangements and finding a place to stay
  • Working things out with family
  • Problems with relationships
  • Enrolling or staying in school
  • Getting linked up with training options
  • Sorting out income support